Being active in the community or in various organizations is something that the ownership of Beaver Constructors has always promoted. “Community Service”, one of Beaver Constructors’ Core Values, has played a key role in shaping the long history of community involvement that the Sterling family and many of the Beaver Constructors’ employees have created. These contributions not only include personal time and monetary donations, but also include many donations of construction services including labor, equipment, and materials. Individually, ownership and many employees donate their time as board members, committee members, etc., for community and professional  organizations. Constructors and its employees have been recognized for their contributions to many organizations and events including United Way, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America, Stark Parks, Akron-Canton Food Bank, Adopt-a-Family Community Christmas, Serving Area Military/S.A.M. Center, and the Builders Exchange to name a few. Year after year, “giving back” has been a part of Constructors’ commitment to the community around it.