Beaver Constructors is committed to providing the highest quality construction services to our customers. As a general contractor, Constructors’ quality program is centered on improving the quality, communication, production, efficiency, safety, and cost management related to the performance of our contract work for our customers. The function of our full-time Quality Manager is to promote the goal of continuous improvement of our work methods and abilities throughout all levels of the organization relative to our company and its customers’ goals. As a service provider we utilize a variety of methods and programs to ensure that the performance of our work meets the required specifications of our customers. Some of these methods and programs include:

  • project-specific quality guidelines
  • pre-job meetings
  • post-job meetings
  • toolbox talks
  • pre-pour checklists
  • equipment repair cards
  • job progress meetings
  • equipment preventive maintenance programs
  • worker training programs
  • ongoing safety monitoring
  • problem-specific task groups
  • continuous project cost management
  • third-party testing and oversight