Beaver Constructors has grown to become one of the area’s largest and experienced masonry and specialty flooring contractors. Specializing in new construction as well as repair and restoration of existing structures, Constructors has the ability to accommodate multiple large-scale projects for a diverse client and project application base. With a proven safety record and the ability to perform to demanding project schedules, Constructors is the leading provider for your project masonry and specialty flooring applications.

  • Industries Served: Commercial & Industrial, Food, Beverage, and Chemical
  • Services and Projects Include: Architectural precast, TuffChem Tiling System certified installer, dairy brick, acid proof, and stainless steel flooring, chemical resistant epoxy coatings, brick, block, glass, and stone, structural glazed tile, pavers, trench drains, sumps, walls, curbs, decorative retaining walls, and restoration