Kraft Heinz Plant Expansion and Remodel

Kraft Heinz Plant Expansion and Remodel, Massillon, Ohio


Massillon, Ohio

Project Highlights
  • 9,000 sf spiral freezer and a 6,500 sf water storage addition
Project Description

Beaver Constructors, Inc. aggressively managed difficult work schedules and rigid food safety regulations and requirements during a 9-month major expansion and consolidation for Kraft Heinz Frozen Foods who closed and moved plants in Florence, South Carolina and Pocatello, Idaho to Massillon, Ohio. The project scope included 65,000 sf of interior demolition and remodel, a 9,000 sf spiral freezer and a 6,500 sf water storage addition.

Kraft Heinz contracted Beaver Constructors early to help develop the project’s food safety plan, budget, logistics, engineering & design, and project schedule. While executives continued plans for the design build-project, Constructors began demolition of the existing 65,000 sf upper kitchen and processing area which included removal of the interior walls, floor slabs, ceilings, processing equipment, HVAC systems and process piping. The remaining foundations were then demolished. New construction featured three new processing lines, three new -35 degree spiral freezers, a 2,000 sf scale deck that houses four 36 Yamato Scale Hoppers capable of supplying ingredients to over 700 meals per minute, a walk-on ceiling which isolates all piping, conduit and HVAC equipment above the ceiling in the 65,000 sf “High Care” area.

Existing production lines continued to operate throughout construction. Constructors used clean air ventilation systems along with an isolation wall that separated all food operations from daily construction work prohibiting the germ-free food area from being contaminated by any construction activities.

Acting as the general contractor, Constructors self-performed demolition, site work & utilities, foundations & concrete, masonry, steel erection, flooring specialties, insulated metal panel walls & ceilings, freezer floor construction, equipment rigging & setting, conveyor installation and robot & packaging rooms.